Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 1 : Sandy Neutrals


Design from Refresh Homes

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite master bedroom colour schemes, starting with the staple: sandy neutrals. Up next will be tranquil blues which I'm really excited for as you guys know I'm a blue person!

What's boring to some people is peaceful and calming to me. I love the gentleness of neutrals. There's a really common myth out there than you can't mix beige tones with trendy grays. This is a lie! (see my own home - a constant mix of earth tones with grays: @coffee.and.pine on instagram). I've said it before; it's all about the tone of the colour rather than that colour itself. Mixing soft sandy beige with smokey charcoal gray is a great way to layer your warm colours and create a comfortable space. The bedroom above shows the perfect mix of sandy neutrals and whites incorporated with a bold charcoal as well as a softer gray upholstered headboard. White walls are a necessary back drop to the ceiling that is the feature of the room. Finished off with the dark metal for the drapery hardware and the light fixture, this is a bedroom I could fall in love with!

Paint colours (all Benjamin Moore)
1. Simply White
2. White Down
3. Natural Linen
4. Amherst Gray

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