Favorite Blues


1. HC-156 Van Deusen Blue
2. 2131-40 Smokestack Gray
3. 2131-70 Gray Sky
4. HC-145 Van Courtland Blue
5. AF-540 Constellation
6. HC-154 Hale Navy

I daydream about blues.

I've always been a blue person; if I use any colour in my life, it has to be a blue. No other colour does it for me! I'm drawn to tranquil peaceful colours, and that's why smokey gray-blues specifically have my heart.

Because I'm not a fan of accent walls, I believe adding blue in smaller rooms or areas of your home can make a big impact and give you that splash of subtle colour you may be looking for. The lighter pale blues give a clean fresh feeling to a powder room or laundry room, while the rich navy tones create a wave of depth in an intimate dining room.

Other great uses for the deep blues are on cabinetry (I especially love myself some navy bathroom vanities mixed with gold accents!) but if you want to play it on the safer side, a colour like Van Courtland Blue is a beautiful midtone that won't stray too far from your neutral soft gray home palette.

Blue Kitchen Island with Blue Striped Runner

Van Deusen Blue from DecorPad

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore looks amazing in almost…:

Hale Navy from Home Bunch

Wood shutters on the windows in our home office to provide privacy while still allowing light in - www.meadowlakeroad.com @blindsdotcom #shutters:

Smokestack Gray from Meadow Lake Road

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors. Benjamin Moore Constellation AF-540 #BenjaminMoore #Constellation AF-540

Constellation from Home Bunch

heber house kitchen project Becki Owens

Van Courtland Blue from Becki Owens Design

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