Transition from White to Dark


So you've finally finished painting your whole home white,
because that layered white-on-white look is so soft, elegant, and peaceful.

Then Benjamin Moore released their 2017 Colour of the Year:
Shadow, and it's DARK. But we also kind of love it! It turns out colour is back.. After a year of having white homes, maybe we are missing that warmth and richness. So now how do you add this into your home?

Don't worry, you don't need to paint your walls again (or at least not all of them).
If you want to keep that soft look but add pops of richness, I recommend choosing a midtone to soften out the contrast between light and dark.  Look at this midtone as your stepping stone from white to dark, there to simply smooth out the transition.

The most important step to creating a soft palette that includes dark colours is to start swapping out some of your white for a soft mid-tone colour. Whether it's the colour on your walls, a large area rug, or your bedding; that midtone will cut out the high contrast between the white & the deep dramatic colour you plan to introduce.

After you've checked that off your list,
the following things will help you introduce impactful colours:

Paint your kitchen island in a deep colour. 
This is a great way to add a rich tone to your pale kitchen, 
without committing to repainting the entire kitchen!

Add a bold piece of furniture or an interesting rug.
Instant pops of colour, texture, and pattern.

Paint the interior of your front door.

We painted our door in a charcoal-brown, and it adds so much warmth to our space.
This is also something that can be easily painted multiple times!
Low commitment = change it out to a new colour every year.
(Just ask Tom.. he's already painted ours twice in 4 months!)


Don't be scared, it's back and isn't as full of horror as it was in the 1970's.
My favourite wallpapers include contemporary florals or hints of metallic.

Buy a trendy accent chair.

If you're considering painting your walls in a dark colour, 
the best place in your home to do this is your dining room, living room, or a bedroom. 
These are warmer more intimate spaces where you can get away with it! 

And, of course, if you're only ready for baby steps:
add some rich toned pillows to your soft neutral palette.

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