DIY Autumn Wreath


Good morning, it's Friday!
I was in need of some Fall decor for our home as this is our first Fall here,
and I desperately wanted a wreath to hang on the antique window in the living room!

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything I loved enough in stores to spend $50+ on
(wreaths are so expensive?!)

So I had to DIY this one!

I have found a ton of grapevine wreaths online for amazing prices,
but they never seem to want to deliver to Canada.
So when I came across this wreath at a thrift store for $2.99 I grabbed it.

Materials needed:
Fake florals 
Grapevine wreath
burlap ribbon
Mini chalkboard with clothespin
White pen (mine is an oil-based paint pen)
Floral wire
& Hot glue

After tearing off the previous decor on the wreath,
I cut the burlap ribbon and made them into hoops
I secured them closed with the floral wire

I secured the burlap to the wreath with hot glue
And attached the pinecones with the floral wire
I had to wrap them in about 2-3 different places on the pinecone to make sure it was secure!

I also cut the fake flowers into smaller pieces so I could incorporate them between pinecones.

Using my white pen I wrote on the little chalkboard, 
then hotglued the clothespin to secure it

I used our Christmas Wreath door hanger to hang it for now,
but want to secure it with something more subtle eventually!

Fall is only one week away <3 
Have a great weekend.

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