Sunday Afternoon Decor


Welcome to Sunday! I hope your weekend has been going well.

It's been a very busy one over here between working over time followed by hosting a BBQ with lots of friends, but that didn't stop me from adding a few pretty details to our living room yesterday.

I found this small galvanized tub at Walmart and thought it would be perfect for an indoor plant.
I've been dying to have some greenery in our home,
But unfortunately I am one of those people who always manages to kill any/every plant.
We will see how this one goes! 

I've been struggling with what to put on our coffee table, so when I found this placemat at Homesense I thought it would be the perfect thing to ground the plant and create a centrepiece.

Finding some toss pillows have been my mission for the past month. This mission wouldn't been so hard if I wasn't incredibly picky about pillows and colours. But I fell in love with these velvet solids, and the light geometric pattern adds just that hint of interest I needed.

Of course my favourite piece of this room is always going to be our coffee table.
We found it at a retail store for $329.00.
What we paid?

$20.00 at a garage sale.

The empty corner near our wall unit was in need of some soft touches. 
Overflow pillows and blankets in a basket add that touch of texture and fills the awkward corner.

I love the soft chevron blanket in a muted neutral,
I'm not someone who looks for loud pieces but instead I look for calm and textural.
Plus I am a firm believer that there is always more room for comfy throw blankets!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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