Beach House Living Room


Every morning when I roll out of bed, I make my morning coffee and plop myself down in front of the computer for 20 minutes. This has become a crucial part of my morning routine as it's the quietest moment of my day, and the moment I take to browse through all my favorite designers blogs and feeds.

Becki Owens has easily become a member of my top 3 faves. Based out of Orange County, she finds inspiration in simple, clean, and elegant designs. This beach house was designed for comfort, socialization, and to keep with the elegance of the rest of the house. The monochromatic theme allows for texture and pattern to be the interest, and that paneled ceiling is the perfect fit for a relaxing beach home. My favourite pieces are the soft textiles, neutral rug, and the aqua glass accessories.

For more of Becki's designs, just go to!

What's your favourite thing about this space?

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