Painted Paneling


Good morning! 

The daydreaming of our living room reno continues! As drywall is close to being wrapped up, then primed and painted, I need to make some decisions of what I want for our accent wall. I've always loved the look of painted white paneled walls but have a few details to comb through. Do I want to stain the wood and leave a very rustic wall exposed? Or paint it out white? Or paint it the same colour as the surrounding walls? All things TBD. 

I honestly didn't know what the difference was between shiplap vs a tongue-and-groove wall! This photo is one for the books as it's a great reference of different wood siding styles. I'm still not 100% sure which I will go with, so through my searching I've collected a few of my favourite wood paneling photos; both shiplap and tongue-and-groove. 

What I've determined is that tongue-and-groove leaves a more rustic appearance due to the slight gap between boards. I love this look! But will it suit my home? That I'm not sure about. I know I want to have a balance between rustic and traditional, so maybe shiplap may be the way to go as it has a slightly cleaner look.

What do you think?! Which photo is your favourite, and why?

Have a great weekend!

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