Warm Gray Palette


Good morning & happy October!

I still can't stop thinking to myself, when did it stop being June???. This summer flew by all too quickly and I'm still aching over it a bit. But in the spirit of moving on and accepting this chilly weather, I have come up with a palette to warm us up.

Everyone wants a gray home because gray is the new neutral. When clients come to me looking for a gray palette, the first thing I ask them is: is your home modern and sleek? or comfy and cozy. This determines which gray palette to go with, because grays go one of two ways: they either have a warm beige undertone (comfy), or a cold blue (modern). The colours above are ones that I use daily: especially silver fox. This colour has never failed me and is our perfect warm, comfy 'greige'. These tones of taupey grays are rich but still light; neutral but still updated; and warm while still being fresh. I love combining them with charcoal grays, but if you need an accent colour in your space then throw in some warm tones of deep blue or mauve.

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