Summer Love


Good morning! I hope you all had a great long weekend. For this weeks post I'm keeping it simple and doing a post about stuff I love right now. Easy peasy, nothin' else to it. Here we go!

  1. My blanket scarf stays in the backseat of my car all the time. No, I'm not wearing it in 35 degree weather. I keep it in there for unexpected outdoor days spent sitting on grass somewhere! Perfect picnic blanket.
  2. My jean jacket from Gap goes with just about every summer outfit I own. Whether I'm wearing shorts, a sun dress, or leggings, it makes every outfit better and is necessary on cooler summer nights.
  3. Books & notepads. I write, a lot. I read even more. Reading while having my morning coffee is my favourite. Love Does by Bob Goff is a simple easy read.
  4. Makeup wipes. Sometimes these are great for refreshing half way through a hot day, and other times they're great for when I'm simply too wiped at the end of the day to give my face a proper wash. I always buy these at Forever21 for around $5 a pack.
  5. Pastel nail polishes because I paint my nails twice a week and love to have fun summery colors on them. These ones are Back in the Limo & Mint Candy Apple by Essie.
  6. A matte foundation that also has an SPF in it can be hard to come by.  I have naturally oily skin but this elf foundation is my life saver on humid days.
  7. I always have some sort of body mist (or multiples) in my purse for when I need a pick-me-up throughout my day. The Satsuma Body Mist from The Body Shop is a citrusy favourite of mine. 
  8. For lazy hair days, I spritz some Beach Chic Texturizing Spray by Garnier in my hair. I find it makes my very thin hair feel a lot fuller and adds some thickness to it which makes it a lot easier for me to style. 
  9. White Citrus body butter from Bath & Body Works is my favourite scent by them. I prefer body butters over lotions because they're a little bit thicker and longer lasting.
  10. Some people only burn candles in the winter - which doesn't make sense to me! I love summer fresh candles. This one is called Sundress from Bath & Body Works. If you're a little scent-sensitive then you'll love this because it's subtle but refreshing. 
  11. Pink lipsticks/glosses. These ones are Pink Lemonade by Revlon and Plumped Up Pink by Clinique. 
  12. Doing a little hair therapy every here & then is never a bad thing. Adding moisture back into your hair is a great idea if you do a lot of swimming or use product in your hair daily.  Mystic Divine Nourishing Masque is a go-to for me. 
  13. My dad recently gave me this polaroid camera and I fell in love instantly. I'm going to get some awesome summer pictures on this guy! Mine is a instax mini 8.
  14. Sunny-g's, and multiple pairs of them. I'm not one to buy expensive sunglasses because, yup, I'm bound to break and/or lose them. I buy mine at Forever21! 

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