Strawberry Jam


Do you have a full day of nothing but free time? I did. Making strawberry jam requires only 4 ingredients and is a lot easier than you might think - but it is time consuming. The end result is worth it though because everything tastes better when made from scratch!

My mom & I began the day off with buying a ton of strawberries at the farmers market. 1 1/2 quarts of strawberries will make you 8 cups of jam. This filled 4 large mason jars. We ended up doing a second batch with the smaller mason jars cause they're just so perfect for giving away as gifts, and of course this would make you 8 jars of those little guys.

I have to say, this was definitely a two person recipe for me. If my mom hadn't been doing one thing while I did another I know it would've taken a lot longer. While I took the stems off the strawberries and mashed them, she washed and prepared the jars and seals. If your jars aren't sealed properly, then you can't store the jam and it would need to be refrigerated and eaten right away. Sealing the jars is really important if you plan to store some away for a longer period of time!

A plain jar of jam can instantly be made into a really sweet and personable gift with a bit of decoration. Add some ribbons, twine, or bows and give them away as hostess gifts! Labels are really easy to make but I've also included a free PDF of the labels that I made (but without my name on it of course)!

To open up the PDF & begin printing these labels, either click on the photo above or click here.

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