Brick Interiors


If you're looking to add some charm into your home (who isn't?) then listen up.

One of my favourite trends is natural and exposed brick. But where & when should you use it? It's important to keep a consistent theme throughout your home. Once you've sorted out what tone you want to set, there are a variety of ways to bring this charming feature in without your home looking over-the-top-rustic.

We've seen it a lot on Pinterest: and usually the brick lines the entire room. This is a hefty look to try to accomplish. So guess what? If you love exposed brick but don't want the hassle of covering every wall in it, there are smaller and more subtle ways to bring that beautiful look into your home in a really easy way! 

1. As an accent wall. Installing brick isn't as difficult as you may think. To do a brick accent wall, you can purchase strips of half-width brick from Lowes here. These are the same as installing tile and come in a variety of colours and finishes. If you've got a handyman in your house (or are handy yourself) this look is easy to achieve. 

2. Update your existing island with brick. Same thing as point number one, purchase some strips of brick and wrap it right over your existing island. Brick is also stainable & paintable if you're looking for a certain tone or colour to match your existing kitchen.

3. Use brick on your fireplace. Whether it's just the mantel or hearth, or an entire floor to ceiling fire place, exposed brick will add quaint character and coziness into your living room. 

4. In small accents. The quickest and simplest of doses is to use brick in small closed-in areas. Behind shelving or in a small nook in your home, brick will bring that pop of charm to your space without being overpowering (or breaking the bank). 

5. As a backsplash in your kitchen. Brick is a material that remains strong and durable for years upon years. So as for a backsplash, it'll definitely be a dependable and low maintenance material in your kitchen. 

6. On a column or beam. Capping your column in brick is a really unique way to wrap that post that you probably wish wasn't there!

7. The floor of an entry way or mudroom. Something about walking into a home to an exposed brick floor takes my breath away. Brick can literally last for decades if it's properly maintained and will save you on the cost of ripping up your floor and replacing it every few years. It's perfect for your mudroom as it's very easy to clean and even hides imperfections or small stains that can occur over time. 

So have I convinced you yet?

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