Welcome Summer!


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This weekend, a few really exciting things are happening and the first one is that today is Friday! This Friday is kicking off the weekend that is a) father's day and b) the first day of summer! And of course, season changes = color scheme changes. This doesn't mean you have to paint every wall in your house as the seasons change, but you should change out a few of your accents for some season-appropriate colors. Here in Canada we only have a few months of warmth and sunshine and this is why you should fully embrace the opportunity to add some bright fresh colors into your home. Open the windows and doors, pull back the curtains, store away dark or heavy pieces, and add some bright florals and tropical pieces to your every day decor. Switch out your throw pillows, blankets, table runners, and wall decorations for light colors and fun patterns. Take advantage of everything summer has to offer; including breathing some new life back into your home.

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