Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies


It's no secret that my love for chocolate is never ending. I've come to accept it as a problem without a solution, until I came across this recipe that at least somewhat masks the unhealthy addiction. These gluten free & paleo cookies are incredibly rich that you can only eat small amounts at a time; but it completely feeds the craving.

I usually don't even try to do healthy baking because it always seems to involve expensive ingredients that you can only buy at health food stores - but this recipe is very straight forward and I also already had all the ingredients in the house! Score. Finally I can justify pigging out on chocolate cookies.

These ingredients above are all it took which makes it easily one of the simplest recipes I've ever done. You can also use regular peanut butter if you don't have almond butter, or honey if you don't have agave. And if you're wondering: no. You don't taste the avocado!

Original recipe by True Aim

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