DIY Stamps


Sometimes the simplest DIYs are the cutest and also ones that you'll get the most use of. When I came across this DIY idea, I had no idea what 'flour sack towels' were or what their use was, I only knew that they were great for stamping! It turns out that this $7 pack of five towels has a million+ uses and are a solid household item to have. They can be purchased at Walmart and are plain white - so I obviously encourage you to get creative with them.

I saw some awesome design ideas but I decided to keep it basic and simply dip a lemon half into fabric paint and use it as a stamp. Warning: lemons are very liquidy so pat it dry on a paper towel before giving it a light brush of the paint. And be sure to not squeeze it too hard while stamping.

Two things: place newspaper under your cloth so your paint doesn't bleed through because this material is extremely thin. Secondly, be sure to use only a small amount of paint or you will end up with a large (and unattractive) blotch! I did a few test runs on the newspaper.

Like I said, these have a ton of uses. I'm thinking I'll turn mine into reusable grocery bags because although the material is thin, it's extremely strong! Other uses for the flour sack towels include cleaning cloths (it's lint free!), cloth diapers, make it into apron, a cross-stitching canvas, stamp them and use it as gift wrap, or wrap up bread and/or baked goods in it. 

Hope you guys love this super simple DIY as much as I do!

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