Coffee Table Decor


"How do I style my coffee table?"

The living room is where we spend most of our free time at home. Because of this, the centre of that room should be something you love seeing as you'll probably spend a lot of time looking at it! But if you're a little lost about how exactly to decorate it or where to start, you're certainly not alone. There are a few key elements that you should tune into and play around with, and here's a quick list of how to get started:

1. Use a tray and/or large coffee table books to collect your items on. This is a trending table decor style that is really simple and achievable. Find a tray you love and place some smaller books, candles, or vases inside it. Use larger books as another surface to display other small accessories!

2. Play with heights. Using vases or mason jars as decor are the perfect piece for your coffee table, but be sure not to have 3 jars all identical! Add some interest using shapes, sizes, textures, and heights.

3. Always use odd numbers. This is a design rule to use in everything you do! & doesn't only apply to your coffee table. Everything looks better in odd numbers. It just does. Cluster these odd-numbered objects together. 

4. Include something abstract. Look back at the past few photos. Notice how every one of them has something kind of funny in it? It's usually an object entirely useless and that has no practical purpose. Instead, it's just pretty. An abstract object is another way to add some interest to your table. A small unique sculpture is the perfect item to incorporate this element into your decor.

5. Add something fresh. Green foliage typically has a much longer lifespan that a bouquet of flowers but if you're someone who picks up fresh flowers once a week, place a few of them in a small pitcher or mason jar and add it to your coffee table decor!

6. Finally, my last tip is always to switch it up. Once a month, find some new accessories, books, candles, and vases from around the house and swap out the existing decor on the coffee table. When seasons change or holidays & events are coming up play around with it again to match the occasion!

What do you have on your coffee table?

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