Top 5 Sarah Richardson Moments


Does anyone else remember being a kid, at home sick, and watching endless low-budget soap operas, infomercials and various random game shows because nothing else was on tv? Daytime television was the worst for sick days. But, I also remember being 10 years old and laying on the couch sick while my mom would fold laundry and watch HGTV. (For any non-hosers reading this: HGTV is the Canadian network for all renovation & decor shows.)

By age 13 I was hooked: specifically on a show called Design Inc. that Sarah Richardson was the designer and host for. This was also about the time that I realized that art and design can be used in a real adult career and this is what I wanted to do! Not only does Sarah have an amazing design style - she is also the sweetest and most personable person. Here we are ten years later and I still gush about Sarah Richardson on the daily and fantasize about being her. So yeah - meeting her today was a pretty big deal and was a definite check mark on the bucketlist. 

Of course I recommend getting yourself a copy - it took TEN years of renovations, projects, DIY's and house flips to complete this book. This got me thinking about the countless amount of episodes I watched and I ended up looking through a few of them. Here are my top 5 Sarah Richardson projects!

This laundry room is adorable. I never thought I would say that about a laundry room but Sarah did it. White cabinets, black granite, subway tile backsplash, and the sweet feminine pattern on the wall are all the perfect combination to make me not mind doing laundry at all. Guess what? She designed this 4 years ago. I can't say exactly when subway tile became such a trend but it's everywhere right now, as well as the trendy patterns on accent walls. 

Sarah has a classic and timeless decor style that is clean, simple, and elegant. This project, done in 2012, was featured on one of Sarah's Webisodes and if you want to be really blown away you should check out all the before & afters of this home. Is she a miracle worker? Or?

This country farmhouse, done in 2009, received Sarah's very traditional touch and it was done perfectly. 

Pattern on top of patterns on patterns on patterns is what 2015 is all about. But, in 2011 Sarah was all over that. There's nothing wrong with mix and matching your patterns and colours and she proves that in this dining room makeover.

I saved the best for last: Sarah's cottage. A full season was made out of renovating Sarah's family cottage and it is seeped with beauty from top to bottom. The thing I love most about Sarah's cottage is that it's all to her own personal taste. She had no client to abide by as she was her own client and therefore it really shows her true style.

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