The Simple Way To Paint Furniture


Hi friends!

This week I did a really simple and straightforward paint job on this little side table that I discovered in my parents basement! A few weeks ago I bought some plants for my bedroom and this is the perfect side table to put one on beside my window. Here's how I did it:

The products I used were some foam rollers, two sample pots of Para Paint, and Valspar spraypaint primer. I have to say that spraying primer is one of my favourite things because who really wants to spend time priming with a roller or brush? Nope not me. The sample pots are about $5 and I only used a quarter of the pot. They're amazing for small projects like these. You will also need painters tape if you want to do some sort of design like I did with mine!

It was a beautiful day so I set myself up outside and got to work. I gave the table a light sand, wiped her down, then sprayed it with the primer. I let it dry for about an hour (as I conquered my massive load of laundry) then rolled the first coat of blue, followed by the second when it was dry. Once I was sure it was dry I simply taped a design on the top of the table and filled in white where I wanted. Finally, I distressed the table by just using sand paper. (I know there are a ton of fancy distressing techniques out there and it can get really complex really fast, but I prefer to keep it simple and just scuff up the areas that I want). At this point, you may choose to do a top coat in a satin or semi-gloss finish.

And now I have an adorable table easy as pie.

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