Powder Room Colour Story


Powder rooms are the easiest and most budget-friendly room in the house to update. No matter how big or small it may be, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a cabinetry makeover can change the feeling of the space and it only takes a few hours out of your day. Adding in some modern and elegant hardware, art pieces, and floral arrangements will complete the look. 

Some people want to have a move-in ready home and I entirely understand that. However, I can't wait to do a powder room makeover and make it exactly as I want it. It takes 1 day and can be transformed for under $200. Check out this post, then prepare to grab your paint brush and start your own worlds-most-simple update.

Here are a few other before and afters. 
Keep in mind: all these required was a small amount of paint, unique hardware, and accessories.

This one includes a new vanity but I had to include it anyway cause holy cow.

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