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Good morning & happy belated Easter!

This weekend was great but also a very hectic one that involved two late nights with lots of friends, work being interrupted by Mason needing an emergency trip to the vet, two family get togethers, hours of driving, and a loooot of food. I'm thankful for having yesterday off work to spend a day recuperating (AKA napping) and enjoying the sunshine with my pup. I also was able to get out to a greenhouse with a friend and buy a few plants and vegetable seeds - and so the potting has begun.

BUT after passing out at 9pm the night before, I was awake early enough yesterday morning to get in some baking time. However, time wasn't an issue with this recipe as it takes about 15 minutes (IF that) and is truly honestly the yummiest thing I've ever baked. This recipe tops any cookies, cupcakes, squares, bars, etc of any sort. 

Original recipe found here but I did modify it quite a bit.

This recipe is by far the easiest and least complicated thing I've ever baked. The most work it takes is stirring the toffee ... and you can't honestly tell me that's difficult. The rest does itself. 

If you want to cut down on cooling time then throw the tray in the fridge/freezer.

These are dangerously delicious but also make a really cute gift for a neighbour or friend. 
As much as I want to stuff my face with the things I bake sometimes - 
baking and giving it away feels so much better. 

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