Pattern Mixing 101


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I know it's been Spring for a few weeks now but it feels like we can safely say that it's officially Spring in Toronto now that we are back on schedule with regular Spring weather! It's HERE. Finally! For most people this means two big things: time to clean, and time to freshen up. Since cleaning is blah and boring, I'm going with the freshening up route for this post. Bring bright colours and fun accents into your home because this is the time of year to do so! In just four months we will be back to decorating with fall colours and prepping for winter (wow.. that just made my heart sink a little) so embrace this time!

Changing your accents are a must, especially as trends and seasons change. I'm a firm believer in accent changing because it makes your space feel new and fresh while you have to hardly do anything at all.
Sounds pretty good, right?

Chair | Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Lampshade  

Pattern mixing is a trend that I am 110% on board with but is something that can, understandably, be a little confusing because it goes against almost every design principal from the last decade. We've been conditioned to have everything perfectly match and go hand-in-hand with one another. But now - we're being told to add bold crazy things to our spaces and add as many colours, patterns, shapes and sizes as possible. ..What?

Well good news: there is a very simple trick to it. Use a combination of a larger/more spread out pattern, a smaller and tighter knit pattern, and a geometric pattern. I find that this formula maximizes the interest of pattern mixing without overwhelming the eye. However the golden rule to this formula is to make sure all your pieces have a colour in common and coordinate in that way.

My advice is to is pick one piece to build off of. In this example, it's the chair. From there you have multiple colour options that you can piece together. My biggest advice for what not to do is to go too large on which piece you choose. Don't pick a patterned couch then add patterned accents to it. Think small: stools/chairs, pillows, curtains, rugs, blankets, art pieces, lampshades, table runners, etc.

Large pattern + small pattern + geometric pattern = success.

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