Favourite Coffee Cake Muffins


Coffee, cake, and muffins all being used in the title of one recipe is irresistible to me.
Oh; and this also includes a lot of cinnamon which always gets a big fat yes in my books.

As much as I would love to bake countless amounts of cakes, it just isn't practical in my house. Unless there is some sort of occasion with guests, it simply won't get eaten fast enough (or it will, only entirely by me..). This is why I'm a big muffin fan. I love anything that can be packaged up, frozen, and then taken out on a day that I'm running late or want to pack it for lunch.

These muffins are perfect with my morning coffee. This is my first time baking with a dry crumble mixture for on top and, although I will tweak it a bit next time, I'm really happy with the results.

Super messy / yummy.

If you have time this week, make these! Or bookmark the recipe. I promise you'll thank me later.
Find the recipe here or by clicking below. Enjoy!

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