Trendspotting: Cobalt Blue


What It Is & How To Decorate With It

Cobalt blue is a shade that is incredibly hard to describe as it sits somewhere between indigo and royal blue. In  the 1700's, it was used in fine china, glass decor and porcelain household items. 300 years later and this contemporary trend has officially arrived to the 21st century as cobalt blue is popping up everywhere. But what is it about this colour that makes it work in a variety of homes and spaces?

I think we're drawn to cobalt blue and colours alike because the only way I can describe it is that it's electric. It's a blue that isn't flat, calm, or peaceful like we're used to. It's bold and dramatic, entirely unique, and demands attention. It's a colour that somehow achieves a mixture of a ton of depth while still being bright and cheerful.

Paint Colours

1. 2061-20: Champion Cobalt
2. 2060-20: California Blue
3. 2065-30: Brilliant Blue

My recommendation with a colour like this is to create an accent wall. A room fully done in this colour may be too dramatic and that's why accent walls are a great thing: you get the dose of the colour you love without overpowering your whole home in it. Pick your focal wall then continue to pull the colour out with your accessories in the remainder of the space.


Cobalt blue being used on furniture will turn any object into a real show stopper. A simple dresser makeover will make a piece of furniture that once blended with the room now stand out and become a beautiful accent to the space. The photo below shows the cobalt sofa with warm golden tones that balance each other out.


Accessories will either make or break your space. They're the final touch in a room but are equally as important as the colour of your walls or large pieces of furniture because they will unify and tie everything together. Accessories are the best way to keep a theme consistent throughout the room and show that you're being visually aware of what you've put in your space. 

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Are you on board with this trend or have you already caught the cobalt blues? 

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