Why Every Shower Should Have A Window


There's a reason that a shower window is on my wish-list.
After these 10 photos, you'll understand why!

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The view outside this window looks incredible. I would have no problem getting out of bed in the morning if this is what greeted me first thing. 

I adore the circular window but at the same time, all I can think about it how much of a pain that would be to tile. Absolutely worth it though!

You know you would go out of your way to shower every time there's a thunderstorm.

This is my favourite subway tile shower.
I also love the gold shower controls and the elegant touch they add.

Another circle window that allows for a small peak of sunlight.
Also, clawfoot tubs are always a 110% yes in my books.

What I love about this shower window is that it can be opened! 
Why not get a strong dose of fresh air during your morning shower?

The bigger shower window, the better .. as long as you don't have neighbours.

Without the window, this shower (although beautiful) would feel a lot darker and more closed in.
The window completely opens it up and adds a fresh touch.

All I can think about is lighting some candles, putting them on that window sill, and taking the most luxurious bath.

I couldn't love the colour scheme of this bathroom more. This is how to decorate with black properly to pull off a stunning and dramatic appearance while not being overpowering. The way it ties in with the floor mosaic and the outside of the tub completes the look. Mix all of that with the natural wood framed window and we have an obvious winner.

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