The Simplest Apple Pie


I've always felt like using pre-made doughs, mixes, icings, etc is cheating when it comes to baking. I try to make everything from scratch but when I saw this recipe I truly couldn't resist. 

I quickly whipped these crescent roll apple pies together in 15 minutes then placed the cookie sheet in my fridge to be baked later in the evening. They're so incredibly simple that 15 minutes prep and 10 in the oven almost doesn't add up for how delicious they tasted. 

I also added a cream cheese icing via a piping bag to add a nicer presentation at the end, but of course that is optional. Even better? Serve it with vanilla ice cream. However I definitely recommend serving them instantly so they are warm and gooey for you or your guests! 


Original recipe can be found here.

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