March Goals


Okay.. I'm five days late.
I promise that next month my first goal will be writing this post on time!

I've read a lot about how goal-setting can be a really positive habit to get into and it's important to actually physically write them down. Clich├ęs aside, I find that by writing them down it becomes more permanent in my mind and therefore present in my life, and by looking at that list every once in a while it gives me the small reality check that I often need.

I'm all for living life in the present and embracing every moment, but let's be honest; it's easy to get a little off track from what's important. Plus, how awesome will it feel in April when we look back on this list and can (hopefully) check everything off? Yup!

1. Drink water constantly. Wake up and chug water. Chug water before and after every meal. Chug water when I feel sleepy. Chug water when I feel like snacking. Chug water while watching TV, while cooking a meal, while driving in the car. Essentially; chug water like a fish.

2. Switch to only using raw sugar in my coffees and teas. In my unprofessional opinion, artificial sweeteners are ick and apparently raw sugar ain't so bad. Ideally, I would love to cut out sugar all together. But I mean .... let's be realistic here.

3. Bake some healthy treats. I get so excited to bake sugary/fattening/artery-clogging things that I overlook the fact that healthy baked goods can also be just as yummy. I would love to do some sort of morning muffins or protein bars.

4. Get to 100 likes on Facebook. Have you liked my page yet?!

5. Read 'I Feel Bad About My Neck' by Nora Ephron.
- Then remember to return it to the library and get a book for April.

6. Buy a plant for my bedroom / keep it alive.

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