DIY Rustic Tealight Candle


Good afternoon!

Tom has been out-of-control sick over the last week and I've started feeling like I may have caught it, which was bound to happen. All my energy has dropped below zero.. I was passed right out by 8pm last night. But I managed to still get a small DIY in for this week! I headed over to Walmart and bought some small glass candle holders and this ribbon. Once I got home I took the pup for a walk and found some twigs for this project! (He was super helpful/ate some of the twigs).

This is quite straightforward: 
All I did was cut the twigs to random sizes and hot glued them to the glass. I also hot glued the ribbon as well, placed a tealight candle in, and voila! Completely adorable for the fireplace mantel or on the coffee table. I've done this before but with a different ribbon colour and it might even be cute to change the ribbon out based on holidays or the time of year!

Tell me what you think 
while I sleep the next three days away trying to fight off this cold!

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  1. Hope you feel better! Your twiggy tea lights are very rustic and country, I love them! Thank you for posting even you are not feeling well. :)