What's in My Bag


Friday is here!

Waking up on a Friday morning has got to be in the top 10 list of best things. I'm super excited for this weekend especially because Tom & I are heading to Toronto to see all our friends and spending Sunday with my family!

But before the weekend begins, I thought I would leave you guys with a simple post about what's in my bag. If I'm being entirely honest - I AM that nosey friend who loves to snoop through my girlfriends stuff (with consent obviously!) to see what makeup they're using and what their favourite products are. Here's a quick roundoup of my own!

  1. Daily Planner. Call me old school - anyone who is around when I pull this baby out sure does! I used to be notorious for accidentally double and even triple booking myself so hense the planner to avoid that ever happening again. You'll mostly find me scribbling down craft/blog ideas or grocery lists.
  2. My wallet. I'm currently on the search for a new one as this one is too large for my bag!
  3. Headphones. Beats by Dre are investment ear buds but worth every penny. However - be sure to keep them out of reach of puppies.. as mine has already consumed one pair whole. Seriously. Whole. He ate every bit of it. Gone.
  4. Nail Polish. After putting a lot of time into doing my nails, I will NOT be caught out of the house with a chipped nail, so they come everywhere with me. These are my two favourites by Essie & they're called 'Urban Jungle' and 'Muchi, Muchi'. A nail file is also essential.
  5. Lipstick and gloss. My main life obsession right now is the new Kate Moss lipstick line because it's a matte finish and is ACTUALLY LONG LASTING. I use the colour #14 as it's natural and perfect for every day. You can explore the shades in this line here. I also love this Revlon lipgloss in a soft pink.
  6. Measuring Tape. Laugh it up but this guy is super helpful. I found this tiny tape at Home Depot and pull it out all the time when I'm shopping for my home. I'm constantly thrifting furniture, finding wall pieces, and accessorizing my house so my measuring tape definitely comes in handy when I'm out and about.
  7. Floss & Advil. Just in case.
  8. Compact Mirror. My mirror gets a lot of use when I've left the house in a complete rush and am second guessing my appearance and need to do some quickie touch ups before making a public appearance somewhere.
  9. Hand Sanitizer & Rose Salve. Both necessities to me as I'm a germaphone who is constantly sanitizing, followed by needing to moisturize after. Rose salve is a great moisturizer and is also use for any dry skin, cuticles, lips, cheeks, etc.
  10. Concealer Stick. For when it's been a long long day and the bags under my eyes are extra apparent - or for days when unexpected pimples decide to make their grand appearance in the worst moments! This one is Rimmel Match Perfection.
  11. Crystal Light. I have a hard time drinking water plain but really want to be someone who drinks a gallon a day. The pink lemonade flavour gets me through every day and is also a sweet yummy treat - that is 0 calories and sugar free!
  12. Lotion & Lipbalm. I'm that person that has a panic attack if I have left my lipbalm at home. My favourite is cool mint by eos. Their handlotion is also my absolute favourite as it has a really light and fresh scent and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky like some lotions do.
  13. Cosmetic Bag. This bag holds all my small finicky items and is another can't-leave-the-house-without. It contains bandaids, medications, tweezers, nail clippers, sanitizer wipes, etc! This one is by Longchamp and can be found here.
  14. Perfume. Keeping small rollerball perfumes in my purse is perfect for when I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes it's nice to spritz up and feel fresh in the middle of a long day. The ones I have are Midnight Exotic Vanilla by Victoria Secret, Enchanted by Taylor Swift, and Michael Kors.
  15. Tissues. Because I'm a coffee drinker in the car and often eat when I'm on the go.. which results in messes and spills. My boyfriend also really appreciates that I keep tissues on me because he is the clumsiest and messiest guy!
  16. Hair Necessities. Hair elastics, clips, and bobby pins are always required to be in my purse for those bad hair days. Yet, like every girl ever, I always seem to have an extreme shortage of these things?

My purse is from Nine West and I couldn't find the exact one online but this is the same just with a different textile finish.

Note: the products featured here are exactly what was in my purse at the time.. however, I did minimize the amount of receipts, gum wrappers, and roll up the rim wins from Tim Horton's (I'm Canadian) so that you wouldn't think I'm such a slob!

What's in your purse?
Seriously.. I want to know.
Like I said, I'm a snoop and am always on the look out for new fav. products!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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