How to survive winter 101


Being from Canada (AKA 'The Great White') I know all about long, gray, dark, cold, dreary winters. I have a few favourite staple items that lift my spirits on the coldest winter days. Here are some things that are necessary for me to get through a long Canadian winter!

  1. Babette's Pantry Cinnamon Cream flavoured coffee. Self explanatory: who doesn't love holiday flavoured coffees at this time of year? I found this at Winners. They have a huge selection!
  2. David's Tea: Glitter & Gold flavour. The fact that this tea shimmers after you have steeped it makes it completely irresistible. Sparkly tea that also tastes amazing = heavenly.
  3. My favourite single-serve tea pot from Bombay. 
  4. Crocheted slippers made by yours truly. I love these because they are not too hot that your feet sweat, but still keep you toasty warm. I will post my pattern soon!
  5. Essie nail polish. Maroon nails + one nail that is silver glitter is my favourite look.
  6. Staple plaid shirts. This one specifically is from Forever 21 but I have 10+ in my wardrobe from a variety of stores.
  7. Hot water bottle. This one has helped me through many fevers & colds, and also just keeps me cozy on the coldest winter nights. From Chapters/Indigo.

  8. Bath & Body Works candles. Seriously, who doesn't love these? Winter & Fresh Balsam are my two favourites.
  9. Matrix Exquisite Oil. My hair is extra dry through the winter so this strengthening oil is my rock. Not a day goes by where it isn't applied to the ends of my hair. 
  10. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer. This stays in my purse at all times for those unexpected pimples, or just long days that create bags under my eyes.
  11. Legale plain black tights. I bought these ones from Winners. They're extra thick for warmth and are crucial for those of us who love to wear dresses all year round!
  12. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers. We all have these cute little things (I personally have over 50) that will help to fight off colds this season!
  13. Yarn + knitting needles. The perfect winter activity while watching Christmas movies by the fire.

  14. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief line. This aromatherapy line had me hooked instantly. Not only is the scent incredibly refreshing - it really does make me relax! (Is it obvious yet that I worked at Bath & Body Works for two years?)
  15. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. I use this on my lips, hands, and any dry skin. 
  16. Finally, my distressed brown combat boots from Aldo. These are perfectly cute with a long knitted cardigan and leggings, and the wool boot socks make the outfit complete. 

And there you have it! I'm always on the lookout for new accessories, new scents, and anything else that will make my winters a little less ick.  These are my essentials for winter but I would love to hear what some of your favourite and must-have products are! 

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