Favourite Trim Colours


Choosing off-whites in your home can be one of the most mind bending and frustrating colours to choose. For starters, Benjamin Moore alone has 150+ whites in their collection. Yikes. Secondly, whites can be swayed and appear differently depending on what they're surrounded by since there is not much substance in them! These are 'colours' that often have ONE single drop of colorant added to the paint can, and they tend to surprise us and act differently in every space depending on the surroundings.

I've chosen my favourite 5 whites that I've worked with many times, used in clients homes, and used in my own home. Forget the other 145 whites Benjamin  Moore has - one of these is guaranteed to work! When selecting your white, try your absolute hardest to keep it consistent throughout your entire home. If your kitchen cabinets are white - use that same white on all your trim and doors in every room! This will just keep things simple and straightforward (also my OCD will not allow me to not have complete consistency throughout my own home!). 

We used Steam in our house because A) it matches Ikea white kitchen cabinetry, and B) I wanted a really soft gentle transition between my wall colour and trims. If you're looking for a crisper, higher contrast then I like to use Chantilly Lace or Snowfall White. Swiss Coffee is very neutral and will give you a very blended look, while White Dove is the perfect inbetween of not too saturated but not a crisp white either. 

My #1 recommendation is to go and pick up the paint chips before anything else! It's a great starting place to read up online for suggestions but before you get lost in the world of the big wide web, take a look at some colours yourself and you'll most likely be able to instantly eliminate a few of them! Or, better yet, you'll know right away which one you're drawn to. 

Friday Favourites - Sept 15


It's Friday!! And let me tell you, this Friday is much needed. It was a long week over here, but now I'm ready to relax with my husband & family for the next 48 hours!

I've thought about doing Friday favourites for a while now and I think it'll be fun to share with you guys some things I come across throughout my week. Once in a while I scroll past a post on instagram or pin something on my Pinterest page that stops me in my tracks either because it's whimsical and beautiful, super yummy looking, makes me burst out laughing, etc etc.

Friday favourites will be a collection of these sorts of things!

1. Bedroom Inspiration from TidbitsAs many of you know, we're in the home stretch of our master bedroom/ensuite renovation. This bedroom made my jaw drop, it's just too lovely for words.

Simple Autumn Decor


Good morning friends, 

There's just over two weeks until the first day of Fall so I thought I would share our decor I've added to our living room. It's really very simple compared to some beautiful posts I've seen - because that's just us! I prefer small subtle touches of the holidays. Though I do admire homes that are fully transformed with the seasons! I'm sure my collection will grow and take me there one day!