Favourite Fall Throw Pillows


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I really should call this post a 'current favourite throw pillows' because I know people are 50/50 on accepting Fall decor while we're in mid-August. I personally am the #1 fan of Fall, so I tend to extend the Fall decor season for as long as I possibly can!

Anywho, here are some current faves. The staple solid velvet pillow is a must (I have two in a dark teal in my home and they somehow always work with anything I pair them with!) along with the faux-fur pillows that have been really on trend for the last year. I then like to add a large plaid or stripe for some subtle visual interest before finishing off with a playful pillow like 'The Snuggle is Real' (cutest) or a quintessential Canadian moose! Of course you can keep is classic with a cable knit pillow - this one from Ikea is just $20 and will make a great addition to your bedroom pillow-scape! And I couldn't resist the Maple leaf for my fellow kitchy/cutesy decor lovers!

DIY Autumn Garland


I know it's early! No body panic - I promise I'm not trying to rain on your summer.

BUT as August starts to wrap up, you may want to add a few items to your next craft-store run so you can pull together the four very simple ingredients for this DIY. And when you have company over in September or October, you'll be ready to pull this simple garland out and decorate your wall unit with it like I did - or better yet, a fireplace mantle.

Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 3 : Layers of White


Hello dear friends! 

As you may know, I've always been a bit hesitant about white walls, at least for my own home! But I've come around because when I see a bedroom like this I can't resist. And there is still a technique to layering your whites as I find whites can be so tricky and have sneaky undertones you weren't expecting to see. Since off-whites are so pale they're easily swayed by what they're surrounded with, so it's crucial to layer your whites that are all warm or all cool. I also love the combination of adding a crisp white into the mix. In the photo above, you can see the walls are really bright and crisp! I love the contrast it adds to the soft gentle whites in the linens, the upholstered bed, and the drapery panels.

Did you paint your walls white? Are you still happy with your decision? I love the clean simplicity you'll have, what you fill your home with is so flexible with a background like white!

Paint Colours:
1. Cloud White
2. White Dove
3. Oxford White
4. Simply White