Transition from White to Dark


So you've finally finished painting your whole home white,
because that layered white-on-white look is so soft, elegant, and peaceful.

Then Benjamin Moore released their 2017 Colour of the Year:
Shadow, and it's DARK. But we also kind of love it! It turns out colour is back.. After a year of having white homes, maybe we are missing that warmth and richness. So now how do you add this into your home?

Don't worry, you don't need to paint your walls again (or at least not all of them).
If you want to keep that soft look but add pops of richness, I recommend choosing a midtone to soften out the contrast between light and dark.  Look at this midtone as your stepping stone from white to dark, there to simply smooth out the transition.

Cozy Winter Decor


Eat, Drink, & Be Cozy | Sofa | Lantern | Christmas Tree Print | Doormat
Faux Fir Pouf | Armchair | Side Table | Cube Vase Set | Deer Head | Plaid Throw Blanket

Do you find that at this time of year when you're out trying to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, you end up buying lots of 'gifts' for yourself? (My way of Christmas shopping is one for you, three for me!) But in all seriousness, winter decor is in full force and I can't resist adding layers of cozyness to our home.

All of the items in this decor board are suitable for this time of year but are classic enough to last throughout the whole winter season and not just for Christmas. The sofa I saw while browsing on Wayfair and couldn't resist using it as the base for this board; I'm addicted to that warm minky tone let alone a gorgeous chenille fabric! You can't go wrong and can never have too many poufs, pillows, and throw blankets (guilty), lanterns with pillar candles to warm up an empty corner space in your living room, and the very on-trend deer head theme to switch out with an old art piece over your fireplace. The wood cube vase set would make a great center piece on your holiday table alongside the cute christmas tree print found on Etsy.

Have you started filling your home with cozy items yet? 
Which one is your favourite?

Benjamin Moore 2017 Colour of the Year


I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for the 2017 colour of the year. Shadow is a deep, almost black plum that has a quiet peacefulness to it. I hate to be that 'I told you so' kind of a person, but I've been telling clients for months now that white-on-white is out and colour is back. We've all painted on our homes in fresh whites and it's as if we're now craving something deep and rich again. 

And in walks Shadow, giving me so many heart eyes! 

What I'm even more excited about is all the colours that are in the 2017 Trend Palette. This palette has a variety of muted, grayed out colours. But that's the biggest thing; there's actually colour. And, only two grays in the whole group! I love the teal Sea Star, deep rich blue Gentlemen's Gray, and vibrant but deep Dark Burgundy. I also am finding this palette to almost have a retro vibe? (burnt orange, muddy green, and tones of browny-reds?)

Which one is your favourite?!

Tropical Leaf Decor


Hey all,

If you haven't noticed yet, it's time to get on board with tropical leafs! They're everywhere in design right now, from fabrics, to wallpaper, art work, bedding and linens, and pillows. This trend stems from Don Loper's 1942 banana leaf print in the Beverly Hills Hotel, and has quickly made its way into our homes and our hearts.

Here are some of my favourite examples of incorporating it into your home. It's a little out there, but large bold graphics are in! Goodbye white walls, hello cute graphic patterns.

The original design from The Beverly Hills Hotel

DIY Autumn Wreath


Good morning, it's Friday!
I was in need of some Fall decor for our home as this is our first Fall here,
and I desperately wanted a wreath to hang on the antique window in the living room!

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything I loved enough in stores to spend $50+ on
(wreaths are so expensive?!)

So I had to DIY this one!

Staircase Makeover


When I see this photo from the home listing before we bought it, 
I feel like we may have been crazy buying this place!
Thankfully Tom & I had a good feeling about this little old home and saw the potential in it. 

Favorite Charcoal Grays


With hues of soft grays & whites filling up all of our homes, I have a feeling that we're going to see a strong comeback of deep dark colours in the next few years. I love the soft delicate spaces I see all over Pinterest and Instagram, but when I tried putting an off-white on my walls it felt completely blah in our space (read more about our living room paint colour here, and the completion of our living room here).