Nightstands Under $250


Have you noticed the huge industry gap that is nightstands?

Ask me where to find a nightstand and you'll witness me either major face palming, crying in frustration, or cursing at the home decor industry. I don't know the reason for this industry gap and have no explanation! All I know is - it's tough. ESPECIALLY when on a budget.

Urban Barn is my #1 recommendation for some beautiful options if you want high-quality that also includes a pretty high price tag. You can pay around $1,200-$1,600 for a pair of good quality nightstands. It's worth it; but not in the budget for moi! 

As our master bedroom renovation progresses (don't know what I'm talking about? Click here!), I've begun some lengthy story boards for what I envision for our bedroom and so let the online shopping commence! Online catalogs are the only places I've come across some affordable and on-trend nightstands at a reasonable price point, but buyer beware - I only online shop for items that have extensive positive reviews and, better yet, when those reviews include other buyers photos.

Favorite Blues


1. HC-156 Van Deusen Blue
2. 2131-40 Smokestack Gray
3. 2131-70 Gray Sky
4. HC-145 Van Courtland Blue
5. AF-540 Constellation
6. HC-154 Hale Navy

Our Home Renovation: Phase 2 of 3


Hey friends!

Guess what? Our wedding is in 3.5 MONTHS!!
That's all I'm going to say - and hope that it's enough to justify my absence 😓

We had a wonderful Christmas in our cozy little home with lots of time with our families, a New Years Eve spent with best friends at a cottage, and a cold January spent wedding planning (panicking).

So now that we're all caught up let me show you phase 3 of our home renovation: turning our 'bonus room' into our master bedroom / master ensuite / mud room / laundry closet.

Our bonus room is hard to describe. When we were deciding if we were going to purchase this home, the bonus room was just that to us : a huge bonus. The house already has two bedrooms in the loft and two on the main floor, but there was no distinct master bedroom. This bonus room was an addition by the previous owner and runs off the kitchen. It already had a laundry closet and a powder room in it as well. They used this room as a recreational room; but we felt as though one living room is enough for this house (check out phase 1 of our renovation here and our custom wall unit here!)