3 Steps to Selecting Paint Colors Like a Pro


Selecting paint colours for your home can be something that makes your mind absolutely bend - I've seen it too many times and have even experienced it first hand in my own house! It's no secret that I'm a Benjamin Moore junkie and I have such a passion for finding that perfect paint colour that makes you feel like what you had envisioned for your space has arrived (and hopefully, the journey wasn't too long).

Paint selection is something I love and I want you to love it too because painting your home can be such a fresh, exciting time. So I'm sharing with you the 3 steps (yup - only 3!) on selecting your paint colors exactly the way a professional would.


What the heck does soul searching have to do with colour selection? Actually, everything. The very first thing a professional would do is get to know you a little bit so they can get a sense of your style, what makes you comfortable, & what look it is you're going for. For example: I am happiest in my pajamas under a sea of blankets on the couch - I am 110% a comfy, cozy, warm neutrals kind of a gal. And I want my home to be somewhere I feel totally at ease so I knew when selecting my colours I would only want warm, smokey tones.

Part 2 of this step is to do a bit of internet research after you know what feeling you're wanting in your home. Dip into the big wide world of Pinterest and just spend 1 hour looking up colours that you think you may be interested in. 


Head out to Benjamin Moore and pick up some colour chips to bring home. Take a walk around your home with those chips held straight in front of you. A pro would hold it up behind your sofa, beside your kitchen cabinetry, compare it to your headboard, look at it beside your flooring. What you want to do is look at this color beside anything in the room that is permanent. Things that are changing or being painted over are no longer relevant so don't compare your new color choices to the old : compare it to what's staying in the space.


You are better at this than you know! I always tell people to go with their gut because I find that 9 out of 10 people will look at a colour and instantly say, "yeah.... I kind of like that!" or be totally turned off to it. Your personal taste matters because this is YOUR home.

Next, sample it. All paint stores have small sample pots that will cover a good chunk of wall space. Once you've narrowed your choices down to 2 colours (and no more than 2! Otherwise you'll get lost in the world of sample potting and it's hard to come back from there), paint a large part of your wall in that colour. Too many times I've seen people do a small 4" square floating in the middle of a wall and they can't process the colour this way. Use the entire sample pot!! I can't express that enough. Do as massive of a patch as you can so you can truly see that colour in your space. No floating tiny squares in the middle of the wall. 

You absolutely can select your own paint colours like a pro. Spend some time spent researching and addressing what the look is that you're going for, look at those colour chips in your space, then go with your gut and select the colour you love and have a good feeling about. Your home is a reflection of you and you deserve to have it be exactly what you want it to be!

Autumn Inspiration


blue pumpkin for printing

Fall has officially A R R I V E D !!

I absolutely love summer and don't get me wrong, I'm also weirded out when I see pumpkin decor showing up in the stores in July, but Fall has got to be the most beautiful time of year. Especially living in Ontario where we see the full force of all seasons. There's this perfect sweet spot of about a 3 week time period where the leaves are absolutely stunning, the air smells so fresh, and the temperatures aren't too cool yet. 

Favourite Trim Colours


Choosing off-whites in your home can be one of the most mind bending and frustrating colours to choose. For starters, Benjamin Moore alone has 150+ whites in their collection. Yikes. Secondly, whites can be swayed and appear differently depending on what they're surrounded by since there is not much substance in them! These are 'colours' that often have ONE single drop of colorant added to the paint can, and they tend to surprise us and act differently in every space depending on the surroundings.

I've chosen my favourite 5 whites that I've worked with many times, used in clients homes, and used in my own home. Forget the other 145 whites Benjamin  Moore has - one of these is guaranteed to work! When selecting your white, try your absolute hardest to keep it consistent throughout your entire home. If your kitchen cabinets are white - use that same white on all your trim and doors in every room! This will just keep things simple and straightforward (also my OCD will not allow me to not have complete consistency throughout my own home!). 

We used Steam in our house because A) it matches Ikea white kitchen cabinetry, and B) I wanted a really soft gentle transition between my wall colour and trims. If you're looking for a crisper, higher contrast then I like to use Chantilly Lace or Snowfall White. Swiss Coffee is very neutral and will give you a very blended look, while White Dove is the perfect inbetween of not too saturated but not a crisp white either. 

My #1 recommendation is to go and pick up the paint chips before anything else! It's a great starting place to read up online for suggestions but before you get lost in the world of the big wide web, take a look at some colours yourself and you'll most likely be able to instantly eliminate a few of them! Or, better yet, you'll know right away which one you're drawn to.