Farmhouse Sconces


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The vintage barn sconce from Restoration Hardware haunts my dreams ... because I want it SO BADLY!! I'm pretty fussy when it comes to lighting, but this sconce had my heart the first time I saw it years ago. Here it is if you don't know what I'm talking about <3 :

Your Guide to Tropical Leaves


When it comes to home decor, tropical leaves are definitely here to stay. What started out as a trend inspired by Don Loper's banana leaf print at the Beverly Hills hotel in 1942, has transformed into a classic and elegant way to infuse the tropics into your home. From classic leaves such as the iconic banana leaf to the exotic split leaf philodendron, to extraordinary palm fronds from the areca palm or fan palm, there is bound to be a tropical leaf or two that you can easily incorporate into your decor style. 

Whether it's a throw pillow covered in a tropical leaf print or an accent wall decorated with a chic banana leaf wallpaper (just like the original!), there are a variety of ways to decorate with tropical leaves. If you've got a green thumb, live plants are one of the best ways to transform your home into a tropical oasis. 

To help you choose the best leaves to fit your style, FTD created a guide that features the 12 most popular types of tropical leaves. From large and small, to green and colorful, you'll see that there are so many types of tropical leaves. 

tropical leaves infographic

If you prefer to decorate your home with live houseplants, then you'll love this fun printable they created. Celebrate your inner "plant lady" by hanging up this chic wall print. You'll love the way it will look among your favorite houseplants. 

plant lady art print 


I collaborated with FTD but this post isn't sponsored - just sharing the vegetation love!

Bedroom Colour Scheme Part 1 : Sandy Neutrals


Design from Refresh Homes

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite master bedroom colour schemes, starting with the staple: sandy neutrals. Up next will be tranquil blues which I'm really excited for as you guys know I'm a blue person!